About us

Teenagelovetips.com is run by me, nickname Loveguru. During my teenage years, I could not find any resource that could help teenagers in their love life. All the online resource was directed to adults and their love life. But the love life of a teenager is different. So as I progressed through my teenage years, I decided to put my experiences and understandings in form of a website. This website is meant for all the teenagers who are looking for some advice on their love life. This website started back in 2007 when I started this on a free domain. Later on I had moved to paid hosting and domain. The site was relaunched as Teenagelovetips.com. My site became quite famous and lots of teenagers used to send me questions about their love life. Sadly, from 2010 onwards I became busy in other things and could not give time to this website. But recently one day I was going through the e-mails I had received in between 2007 to 2010. Those e-mails made me think again. I felt that I had created a void by not keeping my website. I searched Google to find out if any other website has come up but could not find anything specific for teenagers. That is why I decided to get the site back up again. When I started this site I was a teenager but now I have crossed my teenage. But I know that teenagers find this site very useful and I must continue it. It is an attempt on my part to help the younger generation in their love life. This website gives you tips about different aspects of love life that you may find useful. I also advice you to remain focused on other aspects of life which at very useful and critical at this young age. I hope you find my website useful. If you want other teenagers to also benefit from this resource, please spread the word. You can share it on social media or among your friends. .