Being alone and single – how to cope with it?

Being alone and single is not an easy thing. It feels bad when you see your pals hanging around with their partners while you do not have that special someone. But I am sure you understand that it is better to be alone than being with someone who does not care for you. A relation is supposed to be special and enjoyable. If a relation does not remain that way, it is probably better to be alone. Being alone does not necessarily mean that you have to be sad. It does not matter whether you have just broken up with your girlfriend or you have not yet got a girlfriend in your life. Even if you have broken up, face the fact that every relationship has its problems. So, don't always think you are unlucky. Probably the person was just not right for you. If you cannot get into a relationship, don't hurry. Don't date someone for the sake of it, unless you love her. Think about it. If you date someone you don't love, what do you think it will lead to? Love has its own way and sooner or later true love will come. Wait for it. Try to control yourself. Even if you're alone, you can do many things. Make new friends. Talk to your friends, do stuff you like, play games, join a club and most importantly concentrate on studies. Don't feel let down if you don't have a partner. In your teenage years, having an partner is not an absolute necessity. And it is not something to flaunt about. Use this time to develop yourself into an able person so that you can take care of your partner in future life. Spend time discovering your true self. Possess a positive character and spend time in other things. Work hard towards your ambition. If you become successful in life then there will be enough opportunity for you to pursue your love life. And your family is always there to help you. Spend time with them rather than chatting on the phone with someone you don't love. Look at the positives of not having a partner. You are a teenager only. Age is on your side. There is plenty of time for you to have a partner in your life. Currently if you do not have a partner, you can spend the time in a lot of productive things. Take care of your parents. Learn something new. When you get a partner, you're going to spend a considerable portion of time with that person. Until then you have that time free for doing other things you like. So, till you meet the right person, spend the time doing something important in your life. While it may seem that you are attending a lecture rather than getting good tips on being alone, but I'm saying is the fact. Also read about signs of love and flirting tips to get your love.