Confessing love for teenagers

HOW TO CONFESS LOVE While falling in love is quite easy, confessing it is not the same. Well come on, let's face it. It takes some guts to face the person you love and confess it. It does put you in an awkward situation. On starts to wonder whether it the person will accept the proposal or not. One starts becoming insecure. But the fact remains, that it has to be done. There are actually many ways of confessing love. I'm going to give you some ideas about how you can do the same. The first and easiest way of confessing love is to simply say it. Make him or her in person and say it loud and clear. Although this is the easiest way, this is also the way that makes you most nervous. If you do not prefer meeting in person and saying it, then you can simply e-mail it. Make sure you give a eye catching circuit to your e-mail. The e-mail need not be very long. It can be only the three words. It can also explain your stance a little bit and make it more elaborate. If you do not prefer e-mail and want to do something classic, then you can write a love letter and post it. Even in this high-tech age, people seem to prefer the classic loveletter. It has its own value. If you do not want to say it directly by any of the means above, there are still options for you by which you can make your love known. Flirting, as we know is very essential to make your love known. Learn how to flirt well and this can get you a long way in making your feelings known. Do not flirt with everyone. Only flirt with the person you really are interested in. That way your flirting will be taken as an serious intent of romantic interest. Otherwise you will be seen as a serial flirt and your flirting will not serve the purpose of making your romantic interest known. Even if you are not willing to say that you love someone, you can at least say that you like him or her. That way you can give an indication that there may be some interest from your side but you do not go all out and confess it. This is for those who are afraid of confessing. Sing romantic songs for the person you love. That will give him or her some indication that you may be interested. If you are at a party and have been asked to sing a song, make sure you choose a romantic one. While singing the song, give your attention towards your person of interest to make the intent known. How it you feel if a friend of yours dedicates a romantic song to you out of nowhere? Yes, you start thinking whether she has some interesting you are not. You can also do the same thing. Dedicate something really nice to the person you are interested in. For those who were shy to say I love you, they can confess love on April Fool’s day. If the responders not come as expected, just say that it was an April fool's joke. Simple and safe. I hope you find these ideas helpful. You may also have your own ideas. If you have any other idea feel free to let me know and I'll add them to my list. You may also want to  read about: - Ways to say I Love You - Writing cute and romantic love letters