Cute and romantic love letter ideas

Love letters have been used to convey feelings of love from time immemorial. Although we are living in an age which is very high-tech, love letters still hold their own is a classic. We all like to write love letters. They help in expressing and committing love. But writing a proper love letter is not an easy thing. It has to have that bite of romance and sting of passion. So, here are the most important points you need to remember when writing a love letter.
  1. Always write when you are in a good mood. Never even try to write a love letter in a bad mood. You're supposed to express your deepest emotions through the love letter. You will not be able to express love in a bad mood. If you write a love letter when you are in a bad, you may end up writing something which does not convey your feelings. When someone receives a love letter, they have high expectations. If your love letter does not meet the expectations, and the person receiving it may actually get bored. You definitely do not want that.
  2. Like it or not, neatness counts. You do not want to give someone a love letter filled with passionate words but looking like a dustbin. Aesthetic beauty is important in this case and try to make it beautiful. Try some artistic work on it. Even if you're not very good at it, try to make it neat and clean. At some decoration to it.
  3. Use red ink to write a love letter, Red is the colour of love. It conveys your message so strongly.
  4. Don't type or print it. Handwrite it if your handwriting is not totally illegible.  And writing gives a personal touch to the love letter. You do not want it to appear as a copy and paste job.
  5. Just like any important assignments, make a draft of it before writing the final version. Just like you do rough work before important things. All the mistakes should be in the draft copy. Remember you to keep it neat and clean.
  6. Proof read it for any mistakes.
  7. For the purpose of decoration, you can use romantic symbols like heart, angels, et cetera.
  8. Make sure you put it in a nice envelope. You can further decorate by attaching a ribbon, stickers, glitters and other decorative items. Looks to matter a lot.
  9. Call your partner by pet name. Give her a sweet pet name and use it in your writings.
  10. Give a photograph with the letter. A photograph of you and your partner in a happy mood together is the best. You can write something like “always want to be happy like this with you” below that photograph. It gives a powerful message.
  11. If you are creative enough, pen short poems. Otherwise, use your favorite romantic poem.
  12. You can also use romantic quotes. I will make a collection soon.