First date tips for teenagers

A lot of people ask me about advice on how to go about our first date. It is one of the biggest dilemma faced by teenagers. One tends to get nervous and jittery about it, and quite often resulting in a mess. But there is no need to worry. There are some simple things that one must know and remember before one goes on the first date. Keep the following advice in mind before you go out on the date and this should make you adequately prepared beforehand.


Always have enough time on your hand when you go on your first date. Do not set up the first date on a day in which you are on tight schedule. Imagine, you and your partner are getting on really well on your first date and suddenly you remember that you have this super important job to attend in 10 minutes. You should always have adequate time to interact. The first date should never be a time bound thing. Another important thing about time is that you should always be punctual on your first date. Nobody likes a person who turns up late on a first date. It is also expected that your partner also turns up on time.


First things first. Where should you go? This is one of the biggest confusions that one faces before the first date. Quite often, one feels that the first date should be at a grand place so that it is memorable. But this is a mistake. DO NOT go to a big place for the first time. Settle for something simple such as a coffee shop or an ice cream parlour. This should allow you to go about in a relaxed manner about the date in a very simple setup. Remember, in the first date the idea is to get comfortable with your date and get to know each other. You do not want to be overwhelmed by the extravaganza of the first date. Keep it simple and build a rapport.


One should also give some focus on their looks. Wearing clean close is a must. It is best if they are pressed and look presentable. A casual or semi formal look is best for the occasion. Also make sure that your dress is comfortable so that it does not interfere with your date . Do not dress up awkwardly or in a revealing manner. Decent and presentable is the key.


One of the most important thing that you need to achieve on a date is to make your partner feel comfortable with you. As one gets to know each other the comfort level grows. Our first date the comfort level will take some time to grow. It is your duty to make sure that your partner has comfortable with you. Personal space is also very important in this regard. Always give adequate personal space to your partner. Moving on to one's personal space too early in the relationship will only do harm and make one feel uncomfortable. So please avoid it. One can make genuine compliments about his or our partner to make him feel comfortable. If you find that your partner is feeling uneasy about something, try to find out what it's making him or her uncomfortable and do something about it. Suppose, your partner is feeling tense about how she is looking. In such a situation you can complement their looks to make her comfortable. This is just an example. Always try to find out what is the cause of the problem and try to remove the cause of the problem. By doing this, you will build rapport with your partner.


Good manners go a long way in building a positive image about yourself. The first impression that you create is very long-lasting as the saying goes “first impression is the last impression”. So make sure that you build a good first impression for yourself. Be polite, nice and friendly. Do not show arrogance or rudeness towards anybody. If you're a male, show some gentleman like stuff, like pulling the chair for her and asking her to take the seat before yourself. Do not gaze at other girls during the course of the date. Girls are also expected to show good manner. If a guy is showing good manners and etiquette, a girl should complement his behaviour.and make him feel happy. This way you can win the respect of your partner.


A sense of humour is always welcome. Learn to be humorous. This will relax any anxiety that may buildup during the first date. But make sure that you do not play any dirty jokes.


Do not put pressure on your date for anything. You may be expecting certain things from your date but everyone has free will and it is not your job to put pressure for what you want.


Listening is a very important aspect. Just like ability to speak is very important, the ability to listen to someone is also much appreciated. Don't you feel very happy if someone understands what you are saying and makes relevant comments? And how do you feel if someone ignores whatever you're saying and makes out of the context comments? Obviously you would like the first instance. So there is a lesson. Hone your listening skills. Listen carefully to whatever your date is saying and make relevant comments. The other person will feel understood and will appreciate your nature.


Gift your partner something simple like a rose. For the first date, simple gifts are the way to go. A bouquet flower is also good.


Talk about something that you are both interested in. Do not talk off topic or bring about topics which you may find very interesting but not your date. This will only destroy the mood. Keep these things in mind and you will hit the ground running on your first date. Also read about what to do and what to avoid on a date.