Flirting for teenagers

FLIRTING IDEAS If you want to get into a relationship but do not know how to flirt, then you are in quite some disadvantage. Flirting is one of the most essential things that you need to know if you want to get the person you love. It is what separates the average from the good and the good from the best. This is the part where I have listed the best flirting ideas. Learning the basics of how to flirt will help you a lot. Even teenagers need to know how to flirt. This is essentially a boys section but may be girls will also find it interesting. I have seen many girls who are courageous enough to make the first move. Many people may already have some idea about how to flirt but this section will further help you. Just wait for some time and I will make this the biggest teenage flirt tips database on the net. Without further talking, presenting to you the would-be biggest flirt database. Enjoy.
  1. Always have a smile on your face. Smiling is something which makes you feel approachable. But, not a fake one but a natural one. Practice in front of mirror.
  2. Learn how to use eye contact for purpose of attraction your opposite gender.
  3. While talking to your partner, call her by her name. This has a powerful effect of bringing you two closer and establishing a good rapport. Just do not overdo it.
  4. Give her a unique and genuine compliment. Don't tell her anything which she hears from every second guy. Try to be unique and genuine. If you can't find out something like that you can use the classic one- "You have a beautiful smile." However cliched it sounds, it still works.
  5. Always listen carefully at what she says. Learn to be a good listener. This is very important. Listening carefully and making valuable comments will make your partner feel happy. And don't comment at all if you haven't heard something carefully. Don't make an irrelevant comment and show that you were not listening.
  6. Possess a good sense of humor. But don't crack dirty or insulting jokes.
  7. Never look downwards or towards feet while talking to your partner. This shows a pessimistic personality which will surely turn your partner off. I mean come on, who wants a pessimistic partner.
  8. Make friends with her friends. It will make your job easier. Af her friends like you and give good compliment about you to her, then chances are she will also love you.
  9. Touching is very important. Touch her but do it in a polite manner. Don't be too eager. Once both of you fall in love you have the whole life to touch each other. 😉
  10. Don't say "Can I get your number?". Say " Do you have a number where I can reach you at?" You can expect a positive reply as otherwise the person will look like a fool having no phone number. Nobody wants to look like a fool.
  11. When talking to her, reach for her ear and whisper something . This coming close is also a great signal. Moreover she becomes accustomed to letting you inside her personal space.
  12. Tell her that her perfume is great.
  13. Check her out from head to toe when she is looking at you. Be confident about it. But don't make it seem like an eager and desperate look. Do it confidently and don't stop at neckline.
You can help me by giving me your cool ideas. Whatever new ideas you have, let me know and I'll add the good ones to this list. Also read: - How to use eye contact to attract someone