Flirting with eye contact

It is said that “eyes are the windows of the soul”. And indeed they are. Feelings and emotions can be expressed so beautifully through the eyes. Look at any romantic couple and you will notice how they express their feelings to one another by mere looking at each other's eyes. It is like that they can talk through their eyes. Would you like to know how to use eye contact to properly communicate and convey your feelings? Of course you would. After all it is scientifically proven that more than 50% off all communication is non-verbal in nature and eye contact is one of the most important means of non-verbal communication. Enough technical stuff, let's get back to the real deal. While would you like to know about eye contact? Because it gives you a an upper hand in your teenage love venture.
As you can understand, even if a person is interested in someone they will not just go out and say it. But they would certainly use non-verbal cues, knowingly or unknowingly to express their feelings. If you are an average Joe, you're most likely to miss these signals. But if you know the importance of eye contact, you will always be on alert to these eye signals and turn out to be a top flirt. What type of situation am I talking about?
Let us have an example. Suppose you're at a party. The environment is really nice and there are many attractive girls out there. One of the girls is interested in you. She makes little eye contacts with you, holding it for a couple of seconds and then shyly turning away it. This pattern is something a person employs to attract the opposite gender. This is a very clear-cut sign of attraction. Now that you know that this is a sign of attraction or interest from the girl, you can freely make a move on her. As you must know, males are less likely to catch these subtle non-verbal cues. So to my male readers, the advice is to keep your eyes open and make sure that you catch this subtle eye contacts. I also have a piece of advice from my female readers. Whenever you're making eye contact to attract a boy, the length of time for which you hold the gaze is very crucial. If the eye contact is very momentary in nature, then it is hard for a person to pick it up as an signal of attraction. On the other hand if you hold the gaze for too long, it becomes uncomfortable for the person who is being gazed at. Your target may even perceive that you are angry or irritated at him. So timing is very vital in this technique. The idea is to let the boy at catch you looking at him, hold the gaze for one or two seconds and then turn away. The manner of turning away is also essential. It should be a mix of shy and sensuous nature. And oh yes, have a smile on your face when you turn away. Looking down while you turn away is a good way to impart feeling of attraction. Conveying subtle message through eye contact as well as being receptive to such eye contacts, both needs practice. Practice, practice and practice until you perfect this technique. Mark my words, this will be immensely helpful. Ability to deliver such subtle messages will be very helpful for the girls. For the boys, your ability to catch this subtle messages will make you stand out in the crowd. Probably you have missed so many subtle messages till now. I bet you do not want to miss any more. Also read about how to flirt in your teenage years.