Having a smooth and healthy relationship

While it is one thing to get into a relationship, maintaining it is entirely different. Everyone wants to have a really smooth relationship in their life but that is not always the way it is. Understanding each other's needs and respecting each other's thoughts are very essential to maintain a smooth relationship. Often one wonders whether it he or she is actually in a happy and fulfilling relationship. While it is hard to define what a good relationship is, the following characters are usually seen in a happy relationship. A happy couple feels a sense of comfort and satisfaction just by being together. Whenever they see each other, smile naturally comes to the face. The anticipation of meeting one's partner gives a feeling of joy to the individual. People in successful relationships stand by each other in time of happiness and most importantly in time of trouble. The support each other no matter whatever the circumstances are. Whenever one’s partner is in sorrow for some kind of trouble, the other half of the couple is always available with a helping hand. Remember the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. This saying holds very true for successful relationships and is one of the hallmarks of our long-standing relationship. Happy couples do not become jealous of each other. They become happy in each other's achievement and congratulate from the bottom of the heart. Even if one is surpassing his or her partner, the other individual always takes it as his or her win and becomes happy. If you feel happy for your partner when your partner has beaten you to the next pay raise, and then your relationship is really a happy one. Another hallmark of happy relationship is that the word suspicion is non-existent in the dictionary. Happy couples trust each other and this forms a solid foundation of the relationship. They do not have suspicion about every little thing. Happy couples do not play dirty little games to test each others love. They have faith in their love and do not need to resort to such lowly techniques. You'd also find that when a couple is in love with each other, they tend to do small gestures of love for no reason. This comes by instincts and your feelings for your partner. Such instinctive acts of love not only pleases the person who is receiving it but also the person performed it. It is perfectly okay to ask your significant someone to do your favour. But it is not fair to pressurize the person into something. A happy couple never puts pressure on each other to get something done. Often people from different social, religious and cultural backgrounds get into love with each other. Different people also may have different personal beliefs. But these minute differences never poses any obstacle in a happy and smooth relationship. A smooth relationship only takes place when a couple understands each other's differing backgrounds and lust to accept and appreciate the differences. Although an important part of a happy and romantic couple, but physical relationship should never be the sole basis of your love life. That is why it is called love and not lust. People in good relationship understands each other's needs and rarely have any conflicts. Although conflicts takes place in any relationship, and other great thing about a happy relationship is that such conflicts last very little. Even if a couple has a fight, it heals very fast and the couple bonds stronger than before. Every moment after a fight feels so lonely and they cannot wait to get along with each other again. The happy couple does not ever point out each other's mistakes in public. Even if they feel wrong about something, they will never come out in public and blame each other. You can only hear words of praise about each other whenever a happy couple meets their friends or relatives. This is some of the most essential point is that characterize a happy and smooth relationship. It is probably not possible that a particular relationship would have all the aforementioned characters. But if you do not have any one of the aforementioned characters in your relationship or have very few of them, then you are probably treading the wrong path. Try to incorporate these things in your relationship and you will be very happy. I wish my readers very happy and smooth relationship in their lives.