Having good relationship

HOW TO HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP Starting a relationship is the easy part. The tough part is continuing it and having a good relationship in long term. With passage of time, relationships tend to fall weak and people tend to lose interest in their partners. Often, the spark goes missing. Then a time comes when one tends to become easily frustrated and end up into fights. Repeated fights results in a relationship being broken. Many factors contribute to such gradual decline in a relationship. It is important to identify, understand and do something these factors. The most important factors for having good relationship are:-
  1. Take out time to communicate with each other. Make sure that you always have adequate time to spend with each other. As a relationship progresses, people tend to give less time to their partner. Avoid this at all costs. Try to know your partner better and spend time doing romantic things together.
  2. In a stressful life, it is easy to get frustrated. You may have had a bad day at school or you may have and a scolding from your parents. But please avoid venting your frustration on your partner. If you are in bad mood better don't talk to your partner as you can result yelling at her. And if you have problems with your partner, let him or her know about it in a polite manner and expect her to understand you. If you're really angry about something, let your partner know beforehand so that he or she does not misunderstand your behaviour.
  3. Everyone needs personal space. Don't expect her or him to quit all his or her friends and relatives and listen only to you. Get this thing out of your mind and you will save a lot of hassle.
  4. Do not be jealous of your partner. If your partner is performing better than you in certain areas, then the happy for your partner. Also do not be jealous if your partner is spending some time with his or her friends. That is not to say that you should not be intelligent enough to know whether your partner is cheating on you. But you should never be blindly jealous. Always feel happy for your partner's achievements and congratulate him or her.
  5. Do not always expect your partner to be able to meet you at your wish. Everyone has their own schedule and while it is desired that your partner tries to meet you, it may not be always possible. You have to be understanding in this respect. One may have certain problems which make prevent them from fulfilling your desire even if they want to. And do not take anyone for granted. There is no obligation on anyone to meet you at your wish. If one is trying was best to meet you, that is because of the love they have for you and not some obligation. Respect them for that.
  6. Some people think before they speak while others only think after they have spoken. Always think before you say something. Wrong words spoken at the wrong moment can change your life and break a relationship. Better think about the consequences before you say something. When you are angry, it is better not to speak.
  7. Do not make any promises when you are in an emotional state. Whether it is a case of extreme happiness or extreme anger, decisions taken in state of emotion are often wrong.
  8. Take your time to attend the phone calls of your sweetheart. Do not avoid them. Text in each other is also an easy way to keep in contact.
  9. Don't make your partner cry. If one is crying and is in an emotional state, do not make any unpleasant statement, no matter how angry you are. Take care of your partner when he or she is in a sorrowful moat. It is your duty.
  10. While physical relationships are necessary, it is prudent not to push too much for physical relationships. I am not telling not to have it but only when you both agree and are permitted legally in your country. Even when you were legally often ate to have physical relationship, make sure both partners are willing for it.
  11. Lastly but not the least, take the process slowly and easily. A relationship is made for long-term. So do not hurry and give your relation time to settle down. Get to know each other take it one step at a time. Also allowing your relation to progress slowly gives you enough time to understand each other and make sure that the relationship has a strong foundation.
Follow these simple and super effective tips that I have just laid down and I am sure that you will have up very successful relationship. Good luck. Also read: -how to have a healthy and smooth relationship -how to survive first fight -how to cope with being alone