How to ask someone out?

Asking someone out for the first time can be a really difficult job. If you have never asked someone out before, then it is even more difficult. And if you're not sure whether your partner feels same way about you, then it becomes all the more tricky. You start to wonder whether your partner will say yes or not. But let me assure you, the problems you face are all psychological in nature. Well, mostly. It is mostly a male’s job to ask the female out. Even if female is interested in you, she will mostly be expecting you to ask her out. So fact is, you have to take the initiative. Often girls feel shy about asking a boy out, so it is rated it wouldn't expect it. On the other hand, if you are a girl and willing to take the first step, then there is nothing stopping you from asking your partner. It is perfectly fine. Before asking someone out, ask yourself this question. Have you established a certain level of comfort with that person? Have you sent out some subtle gestures of interest towards that person? Has the person shown some gestures of interest towards you? Are you fine if the person is not ready to go out with you? If you are okay with all these questions, then let us take the next step of asking someone out. Actually, if you haven't received signals of interest from your partner but are still willing to take the chance, then there is no harm. I mean, if you're really interested in a person there is nothing wrong in asking him or her out. Maybe that person is really shy or you are just not able to understand the signals of interest. It is a risky business in such a case but it is worth a try. Just as the Nike tagline “Just Do It”. Another thing to remember is that, if the person you love is a friend and does not feel the same way about you, then you have the chance of ruining the friendship. Although if you are really good friends, it should not do any harm to your friendship. And if that person has the same feelings as you, then you have struck gold. So with all this in mind, you should decide whether to ask someone out or not. If you have decided that you are going to ask someone out, then let go all the attention and nervousness. Let go all the shakiness at your knees. The actual asking out need not be too complex. On the topic how to ask, I would advice to start with a simple chat with some common topic. You can ask any general question like "how are you?" Try to look as relaxed as possible. Ask confidently. Just try to bring about some topic about relaxing and having some fun. And then ask it. You can also try to create situations where it is easier to ask someone out. Suppose, you and your partner takes some class together. Ask her if she would like to go with you after the class as you both are free. In such a case you were just going out after something you're used to do anyways. Try making ideas according to circumstances. If you do not have the guts to ask her out directly, give her a personal note. Ask her out in writing on the note. If that is also not possible, send a SMS asking her out. That would take out the direct confrontation with your partner and ease away the tension of asking her out. But still, I would advice that you ask someone out personally. And if you get rejected, there is no need to get dejected. Move on. And if you cannot live without her try to get as much information as you can and email me from the contact us below. I will try to help you out. Best of luck. Have a nice date.