How to break up?

We all like our love life to be smooth and lovely. Nobody starts a relationship with an idea of breaking up in future. But lets face it, it doesn't always go the way we want it to. Life is not always smooth and lovely. Relationship, once a beautiful can turn extremely sour. Often a time comes, when it becomes impossible for partners to tolerate each other and breaking up becomes inevitable. I'm not saying that this is the case with each and every relationship. There are many relationships which stand the test of time and difficult circumstances and never faced such situations. And to be frank, it is the way it is supposed to be. But if it is not the case and you are on the verge of breakup, I would still advice it to give a last chance and to try to sort things out by discussion. But sometimes, the bad blood has gone so far that nothing can be done. While a breakup is very sad in every case, I felt one should understand how to break up smoothly. The idea of writing this page was to ensure that people can breakup without feeling hatred towards each other. So, I created this page to help you people in breaking up smoothly ( though it is never smooth ) and prepare for life. Hope, it helps you. These are the few most important points you need to remember while breaking up. This things are critical if you do not want to make a mess and keep on fighting about it.
  1. When you have made your mind about breaking up, do it personally. Always call your partner and let him or her know about it in person. Do not do this over phone or by sending a message like Britney Spears. That is rude and insulting towards the person with whom you have spent so many beautiful moments. Even if you're breaking up, do not forget to be a nice person. Maybe relationship has not worked out well but that does not mean you should give up all your manners.
  2. Give your partner the respect she or he deserves. Do not lose your respect for the person unless he or she has done something really unfair with you. Often breakups occur because people lose interest in each other rather than someone doing something wrong. In such cases you should always hold your partner in high respect even if your relations has not worked out.
  3. Avoid a blame game at any cost. You are going to get separated anyways. What is the point of blaming each other? This does not to any good to either of you and will always end up in a big fight which will not be healed. Only thing this will achieve is to prevent you people from facing each other in future.
  4. Even if the relation has not worked out, there is no harm in trying to remain friends. Show good spirit and wish each other best of luck in the future life.
Now that we have discussed how to deal with breakup process, let us understand how to deal with the post-breakup phase. If it is your partner who has initiated the breakup, you may be feeling very sad. If you were a true lover, it may feel like the world has broken down on head. It may feel very depressing and sorrowful. So here are a few commonsense tips to survive this stage.
  1. Cry. If you are feeling bad then crying will surely release some of the discomfort. Suppressing emotions are a very bad thing. So do yourself a favour and cry if unique tomb.
  2. After you have broken up you need to make yourself feel good. Pamper yourself in every possible manner and do things you have not done during your relationship.
  3. Laughing is a very good medicine. It releases so many beneficial hormones and relieves stress. Whenever you have a chance to laugh at something funny, feel free and laugh.
  4. Meet up with old friends, get to know how they are doing and go to see a comedy movie with them.
  5. Spend time with your family. Your parents have brought you up from birth. Your siblings have always been with you. What can be better than spending time with the family.
  6. Do something you have not done before. Help your mother in cooking food, help your father in his works. This will also make you feel better and you'll also get to spend time with your loved ones.
  7. Last but not the least, DO NOT let yourself down. Always have a positive frame of mind. Once you're ready, be on the lookout for new partner. Your perfect person is always waiting for you.
Keep these things in mind and you will not feel too much trouble after a breakup. In the end I will like to say that I sincerely hope that none of you face a breakup.