Ready for date

You feel you are ready to go out on a date. You have that special someone whom you want to take out on a date and have already finalised the date or just about to finalise it. But before you do that, make some points very clear. Having a clear idea about these points is very essential because if you don't, you can end up in an embarrassing or awkward situation. So here they are:
  • HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT PERSON- First and foremost, make sure that you genuinely love the person you are asking out on a date. Make sure that you really want to have a relationship with that person.
  • HOW YOUR PARTNER FELLS ABOUT YOU- Does your date really see you as a possible partner in the future? Make sure the person considers you as a potential partner before taking her on a date. No point going on date with someone with whom you have no expectations.
  • ARE YOU READY- Even if both of you to consider each other as potential future partners, are you ready to go out on a date yet. Before going out on a date, a certain level of comfort meets to be attained between the individuals. If you have just met, then give some time to know each other before going out on a full-fledged date. You do not necessarily need to go out on a date to know each other.
  • NEVER FORCE- Never try to force anyone on a date. Do not be a nagging person. If your partner is not ready then be patient and wait. Rather try to build the relationship and make her feel comfortable with you. You will eventually get your date.
  • GO WITH A PARTY- If you feel that you are not comfortable going alone, then you can go with a small group. For first timers, this is the best bet. By going with a group, both of you will feel much more comfortable than being alone. Still, you have enough time to interact with each other.
  • TAKE PERMISSIONS- While this depends on the culture and society of the place you live in, it is advisable to take permissions from the parents before going on a date. If your parents to not permit, it is better to listen to them and understand why they are doing so. If you feel you're right, try to talk to your parents rather than ignoring their stance.
  • FINANCE- Have a clear idea about how much money you can afford to spend. Always take enough money so that you can pay for both. If you're going to a distant place, it is advisable to carry some extra money.
  • CHOOSING WHAT TO DO- People go on a date to have fun and connect. Choose an activity that both of you enjoy and thus you would surely have a successful date. Don't go without having any idea about what to do. Do something interesting and fun.
  • PREPLAN- Plan before hand where you want to go and what you want to do. If you are going somewhere far, then get an idea of the roads and ways. Always have a plan in mind.
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