Signs of Love

SIGNS OF LOVE When a person is in love, he or she sends out a variety of subtle signals. The person feels new types of emotions and desires. Whenever the person is in proximity to the person whom he or she is attracted to, marked change in body language is also noted. As these are very subtle signals, it is hard to catch them. Understanding this emotions and signs will help us understand if we are ourselves in love and also if the other person is interested in us. The subject is essentially study of body language there are numerous books on the subject. But since no one here is going to be interested in studying body language at such depth, I present to you a compact and effective guide to determine if it is really love. This mini guide will make your love quest very easy for you.


Firstly, we'll try to understand if you are yourself in love with someone. Take a look at the points below and find out if you are showing these “symptoms”!
  1. Whenever your partner is around you, you feel good and special.
  2. You seem to trust the person very much, without any apparent reason. There is no suspicion or jealousy from your part. Even if the person has done something wrong, you seem to be protective of him.
  3. You start seeing him in your dreams quite regularly.
  4. Your hunger, sleep seem to have gone and you only want to think about your partner. In a word, you start fantasizing about that person.
  5. You can tell him your little secrets which you cannot tell anyone else.
  6. You always want to spend time with that person.
  7. You can't hold back your smile when you think of him. The smile seems to come so naturally at the thought of that person.
  8. You feel bad when your partner ignores you for some reason.
  9. You have the best time when you are together.
  10. Without your partner time seems to stand still for you.
  11. You blush when someone says she loves you.


And what about the gestures and clues that will tell you that your partner is attracted to you?
  1. She changes her voice to match your tone. In terms of body language, this is a form of imitation which one carries out to make himself or herself seem similar to the person one is attracted to.
  2. Her skin turns red while talking to you. Change in blood flow upon attraction causes this.
  3. She plays with her hair while talking to you. This is a form of preening.
  4. She gazes at you with a dilated pupil. Dilation of pupil is caused due to attraction.
  5. She smiles at your eye contact. This smile should be natural and not a forced one. A genuine and shy smile is a good indicator of attraction.
  6. She leans towards you while talking. This is a way by which an attracted person tries to get closer.
  7. She touches you at her wish. Simply speaking, this is also a very sure shot signal.
  8. She reaches over to your ears to whisper something.
  9. She remembers minute things you told her. This shows that the person has been really giving attention to you.
  10. She asks you to drop her home for no reason although her home is very near.
These are the most prominent signs of love. For more details, feel free to pick up any body language book and have a read. You will learn a lot for sure. Also read about how a teenager can flirt and how to confess love.