Surviving first fight

SURVIVING FIRST FIGHT Ideally, we would all want our love life where there will be no fights. But let us be honest. It is not realistic to expect a relationship which will have no fights at all. Even the most romantic couples have at fight at some point in their life. And the first fight is the most important one. How you handle the first fight and do afterwards can decide the fate of a relationship. Imagine this situation. You have never had a fight in your relationship. You do not know how the other person will react in case of a fight. That is the reason why the way you handle the first fight becomes really important. It can have a positive or negative impact and it depends on you how you handle it. Causes of first fight:- Once the love settles down we tend to go back to our real life personalities. We don't treat our partners as special as we used to. Many things which people tolerate when they just fall in love become intolerable when love settles down. We then tend to think about own self more than our partner and so on. Even if the love is still very much on, there will be certain taste in which circumstances us out that a fight becomes inevitable. Is it the end:- Surely some relationships end with the first fight but in my view they don't have the power of love. I really think that if we truly love someone then we should not separate just because of a fight. It should be taken as a step in evolution of a successful relationship. Every person is different. We cannot expect our partner to exactly have the same likings and disliking as us. If you really love your sweetheart, then understand this fact and take her as she is. True lovers are those who can disagree but still hold hands. So, idea is to try to understand your partner, listen to her and learn to love her as she is. It will eventually make you relationship stronger. How to have a fair fight:-
  1. Whatever your concerns are, bring them up logically and do not brute force your ideas.
  2. Don't be violent and use physical power. That is such a pathetic thing to do.
  3. Don't bring up old issues. If you have current issues, discuss and fight on them. Old issues which have already been resolved do not need to be brought back.
  4. Don't throw things at each other. Again this is such a silly thing to do and may result in injury to either of you. I'm sure no one wants an injury.
WHAT'S NEXT:-After you are over with the fight and the anger phase, the time is to reconcile with your partner. Communicate with each other and try to find out the cause of fight. Have a romantic mood set up and sort the things out. If you cannot decide who is right then compromise and don't let the matter out of control. Avoid a blame game after the fight at all costs. If you take the blame, a time will come when your partner will value your deed and will love you even more. Take it as a test for your relationship. The true lovers never fade away in these tests. Keep faith in your love and everything will be fine. And then concentrate in studies to get a good job to keep your partner well. You may also read How to break up smoothly if a reconciliation is not possible. Also read how to cope with being single.