Ways to say I Love You

Well, this is a tricky but a lovely one. We are not talking about how to say I LOVE YOU. Its just I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U. We are actually talking about gestures that convey the message that we really love and care. It is now proven that most of the communication between individuals is non-verbal in nature, so we are focusing on non verbal gestures which make us feel happy and loved. If you have any suggestions of your own to add, please feel free to contact. We will be pleased to add your ideas. Firstly, though we are focusing on non-verbal ways, still don't forget to utter the words I LOVE YOU to your partner at least once a day. Write love notes for your partner and keep them in places where they will find it. You can borrow something from her and attach a love note to it which she will find out. Also you can do small things for her. Like, if you have borrowed a book from her maybe you can get it hardbound and return it to her after giving it a nice cover. Also you can write I LOVE YOU on it. Blowkiss her when no one is watching. Also you can playfully wink at your partner. Girls can also tease their partner by biting own lips and showing she loves him. Also hold hands if you get chance. Touch your partner with love when he is not feeling well. Don't forget important things for your partner such as birthday. At least send her an ecard if nothing else. Also there are many sites offering free ecard of different sorts. Send one every now and then. It will keep romance fresh. Is there any particular website that your partner visits very often? Find out which site it is. If it's a blog or a type of website where comments are allowed, you can leave a message for your partner saying that you love him. You can also do it anonymously and generally build on the suspense to your partner. You can do this on a forum your partner visits regularly. If your partner owns a blog, you can leave an “I love you”messages to the owner of the blog. If your partner is not so addicted to the web, at least he or she would use an e-mail address. You can send lovely messages to your partner at the e-mail address. You can also send e-mails without revealing your identity but make sure your partner will not take it in a bad way. If you know certain things about your partner, you can reveal the small things about your partner through the e-mail address one by one, while still being anonymous. This will build excitement in your partner and after some time you can send the I Love you e-mail. Once he wants to know who is sending him the messages build up the excitement in him and ultimately reveal it. You can also gift chocolates or cakes to your partner with the words I love you inscribed on it. You can gift to the chocolate cake on a special occasion and make it more memorable. Another way to say I Love you is without saying it. There is a game in which you are supposed to write something on the skin of someone with your fingertips. The other person has to guess what you are writing. Play this game and after some time write the words I love you on the skin of your partner. Here is another romantic idea of saying it. Collect some rose petals and arrange them in the form of the words I love you. Take a picture of it and send it to your partner. Otherwise, make it on the floor of a room and then bring your partner into the room. You can also try saying the words I love you too your partner in different languages. That way you can also share your feelings with your partner, without making nearby people are aware of it.


Saying I love you is not only achieved by uttering the words. You can also make your partner feel the same by small gestures. While this has been discussed separately, some of the simple thinks to keep in mind are as follows.
  1. Make her feel lucky for you.
  2. Always fight for the respect of your partner and protect him or her.
  3. Always stand by your partner in troublesome situation. Don't leave him alone in his bad times.
  4. Do fight for her cause and don't accept anyone who abuses or insults her. When you do such things, it automatically makes your partner feel that you love him or her, without you needing to say a word.
Try to have innovative ideas. Work you mind and you will surely come up with more ideas. After all, you are the one who knows your partner the best and the way of approaching would need to be modified depending on the person you are approaching. So you're free to take my ideas and modify them as per your requirements. If we come up with new ideas please feel free to let us know so that we can share with other teenagers around the world. I will update soon with more WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU.